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November 21, 2017, Murcia, Spain |

The head of the AHIS’ Management service thanks SICE for its great work in the development of the new iVisor Segura AHIS


Following the presentation of the new iVisor SAIH Segura, which is now available for all citizens from the Segura Water Authority’s website, the Head of the AHIS and Exploitation Management Service in the Water Authority, Mr. Juan Carlos Caballero, wanted to thank SICE’s human team (latest successful tenderer for the system maintenance and operation) for their good willingness and good work throughout the years.

The main objective of this application is to be the gateway for non-expert users to the data and information that the personnel in the AHIS (Automatic Hydrological Information System) generates every day, from a modern, simple and friendly interface enabling its use by any type of user.

It should be noted that, even if the data provided are mostly provisional and subject to review by the Water Authority, the general public are greatly interested in them, especially in episodes of heavy rainfall and in severe droughts conditions, such as those taking place quite often in the Segura river basin district.

The application includes the following units:

  • Real-time AHIS data presentation.
  • SAPIR. Tracking of the system for lightning strike detection in collaboration with AEMET.
  • Meteorological information. Presentation and analysis of hydrometeorological information (alerts, forecasts and comments).
  • CCTV systems. Real-time presentation of the images of the scales and locations caught by the existing control cameras.
  • Operating and Maintenance Reports.
  • Specifications sheet of the control points. (Statistical and characteristic data, sensors, diagrams, plans, pictures, etc.).
  • Photo library. Access to the visualization of the photographic record in the actions, corrective, etc. field.