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WestConnex New M5 – Sydney

M5 WestConnex

WestConnex is Australia’s largest road project, linking Sydney’s west and southwest with the city, airport and port in a 33 km continuous motorway. It will facilitate economic growth and urban revitalisation by providing new opportunities for residential and commercial development.

This reference is in relation to SICE’s works for the WestConnex Stage 2 New M5 project, which provides the following key features:

  • Approximately nine kilometres of new twin motorway tunnels, which will more than double capacity along the M5 East corridor and provide motorway access to north of Sydney Airport;
  • A new interchange at St Peters (eastern end), including enhancements and new upgrades to key roads in the area, such as Campbell Road/Street, Euston Road and across the canal to Bourke Road; and
  • Widening and realigning of the existing M5 East Motorway just east of King Georges Road.


The New M5 will link to the upgraded King Georges Road Interchange on the existing M5 East Motorway at Beverly Hills and run via twin tunnels to St Peters. SICE´s scope is to provide a comprehensive Operations Management and Control System (OMCS) designed, installed (partial) and commissioned for the New M5 Main Works as described in Appendix B.12 of the SWTC.