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Updating of the signalling and track installations in the by-pass of Monfragüe and and Plasencia

Instalaciones de señalización y vía en Monfragüe y Plasencia

The project consisted in providing the new latest generation electronic interlocking S3e, approved by RENFE and developed according to the most demanding safety requirements set out in the regulations of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) to stations in the route Monfragüe-Plasencia, in the stations Plasencia, Mirabel and By-pass of Monfragüe.

The following actions were taken:

  • Installation of new electronic interlockings at the stations of Plasencia and Mirabel and the bypass of Monfragüe according to the standard 03.432.800.2 of "simplified Interlockings" 1997.
  • Installation of a locking system of automatic release on sole track (BAU) in the route Monfragüe-Mirabel and Monfragüe-Plasencia.
  • Installation of a remote control system with alternative command post at the stations of Monfragüe, Mirabel and Plasencia, prepared as a CTC Local.
  • Adaptation of existing electronic interlocking at Monfragüe station to include the control through remote control of Monfragüe by-pass and the new locking systems of automatic release.
  • Installation of a satellite post in Monfragüe to include the electrical interlocking on the remote control.
  • Equipment of a reliable communication system in all stations and for the remote control of the by-pass from Monfragüe station.
  • Ancillary works for the installation of new equipment, such as chanelling and trenches network, cable laying, power supply, adaptation of technical installations, etc.
  • Supply and installation of new signals in the by-pass Monfragüe and Plasencia Station.
  • Supply and installation of new electrical point machines.
  • Necessary interim situations.

This interlocking was designed by Enyse to facilitate its deployment in a wide range of railway installations and to adapt it with flexibility to different signalling operative criteria with a modular configuration that allows to adapt devices to the specific size of each station.