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Update and expansion of the CCTV video surveillance system at the Biscay Technology Park

Parque Tecnológico Bizcaia, Cámara CCTV

Update and expansion of the existing video surveillance system that covers some of the park's outside areas. New outside areas were included, with particular emphasis on covering the park's entrances, as well as indoor surveillance of different entrances and exits of all buildings belonging to the Biscay Technology Park.



  1. Network of outside surveillance points: Installation of 23 outside surveillance points, of which 17 already formed part of the old system and 6 are new (11 fixed cameras and 22 mobile cameras).
  2. Network of inside surveillance points: Installation of indoor cameras in 20 buildings (5 fixed cameras and 58 mobile cameras)
  3. Command and control centre
    • Air conditioning system
    • Renovation of the electrical and communications installations, and adaptation of lighting in the space.
    • Installation of ergonomic furnishings, 2 48" wall-mounted monitors, 4 24" desktop monitors, keyboard and joystick for operating the cameras, CCTV management computer, barrier management computer and telephone).
  4. Data processing centres (DPC), with 3 pieces of digital recording equipment
  5. Communications network, with 580 m of single mode 4 OF cable, 4,550 m of single mode 8 OF cable, 43 Ethernet switches, 11 single mode OF converters and 2 remote network storage units with a capacity of 12 TB

Electricity power supply and UPSs (14 700 VA UPS, 3 1500 VA UPS, 2 3000 VA UPS and cabling)