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Tunnel centralisation and control in Madeira

Túneles Madeira

Supply, installation and commissioning of a control and monitoring system for 52 tunnels, as well as the integral maintenance of these tunnels. 

A particular feature is the long length of integrated tunnels. The network currently in service totals 80km, of which approximately 44 km are in tunnels. This network is divided into sections from A to F; the greatest concentration of tunnels (34) can be found to the western side of the Island of Madeira (sections A-B-C), and there is a total of 18 tunnels to the east (sections D-E-F). 

The control and surveillance centre (CVV) is the nucleus that coordinates all of the planed systems and is the main part of the project for their integration. Here optical fibre is used to centralise all video, voice and data communications. It includes the following tunnel road safety systems: 

  • Control centre system
  • Communications network
  • SOS posts
  • Remote tunnel lighting control
  • Signalling using lights and traffic signals
  • Ventilation and air pollution control system
  • Public address system
  • Automatic incident detection (AID)
  • Closed circuit television system
  • Linear fire detection system
  • Weather stations