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Trip Reconstruction And Rating Module (TRARM) for WestConnex tolling operational Back Office in Sydney

TRARM WestConnex Sidney

The company Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), in charge of managing the operations and programs of toll roads of Sydney, awarded SICE the contract for the implementation of a module for the reconstruction of trips and rating of the shame (TRARM from Trip Reconstruction and Rating Module) for the main roads infrastructure project of Sydney: WestConnex.

This project is based on the implementation of the tolling operational back office system developed by SICE (TOS from Toll Operating System) that has operated successfully in Melbourne since 2008 for the EastLink concessionaire. Since the system came into operation, SICE is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system for a period of 5 years.

After this project, WestConnex counts with a distance based toll system, so that users of the infrastructure are charged according to the distance actually travelled by the vehicle along the same. The TOS module implemented by SICE collects data from toll transactions delivered by different toll systems (Road Side Equipment) and processes those data identifying the vehicle, setting up the trip, pricing it and sending the information to the existing commercial back office of RMS to proceed to the collection of the corresponding toll rate.