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Toll collection and traffic management system for the R2 Madrid - Guadalajara and M-50 highways

Autopista de peaje R2

The R2 toll highway runs along 62 km between the M-40 and Guadalajara. It consists of two sections: inner section to the M-50 and outer section to the M-50.

The inner section from the M-40 to the M-50 is the alternative to avoid the traffic jams of the A-1 at the height of S.S. de los Reyes and Alcobendas cities. The outer section is the alternative to the dense traffic of the A-2 between Guadalajara and the M-50.

For this highway and the section of the M-50 highway that joins the two sections, SICE implemented an open toll collection system in the interior section, a closed toll collection system in the outer section and an ITS system in both sections and the section of the M-50, for a total of 79 kms. All systems are managed from a single Control Center also implemented by SICE, as well as the communications network that allows data transmission between the equipment and systems implemented and the Control Center.