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Toll and Electronic Toll Collection systems for the new toll plaza of La Marquesa-Lerma Highway, Section 2 in Mexico

La Marquesa

The Mexican firm Promotora y Operadora de Infraestructura (PINFRA) has relied on the technology and experience of SICE for the implementation of the toll and electronic toll collection systems for the section 2 of the "La Marquesa-Lerma" highway in Ciudad de México.

The works carried out by SICE include the supply, installation, start up and commissioning of these systems for 30 toll lanes in a single location or toll station for a section of the "La Marquesa-Lerma" highway, which, with a length of 13.5 kilometers, is located within the Mexico-Toluca highway which supports one of the largest traffic flows in the country, which is why it is considered one of the most important highways in Mexico DF.

The totality of lanes implemented are of SICE‘s multimodal type that allows, not only the opening of the lanes assisted by a toll collector admitting all the types of means of payment (including authorized RFID transponders), but the opening at will of the operator in exclusive mode for electronic toll collection in order to promote the use of this means of payment in times of peak traffic times, as well as reducing operating costs in times of low traffic flow.