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Supply and installation of an adaptive traffic control system for the city of Tshwane

City of Tshwane

Supply, installation and commissioning of a traffic signal system comprising 200 intersections, SICE's adaptive ADIMOT control system and public transport prioritisation systems. 

With a population of almost 3 million people, Tshwane (CoT) is one of the 6 largest cities in South Africa. The implementation of the integrated traffic management system allows the city to adequately manage its road network and give priority to public transport. 

The traffic management system has the following functions:

  • Monitoring and control of traffic management devices in the field
  • Providing system performance management reports
  • Data input/output management from/to other traffic applications (VMS, CCTV, Detection, Parking)
  • To allow CoT to implement a variety of traffic signal strategies based on traffic conditions on each street.
  • Remote identification and logging of equipment failures

Main characteristics of the system:

  • Public web server providing information about traffic conditions and public transport availability.
  • Unified interface for administering traffic management applications (traffic, variable message panels, buses, surveillance failures...)
  • The graphical user interface is based on a geographical map of the city's area and can be updated easily.