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Sumapaz tunnel management and control

Túnel de Sumapaz

This tunnel is located on the Girardot-Bogotá motorway. It is almost 4 km long and contains a two lane road running in one direction. 

Its equipment includes:

  • Signage system: 4 outside and inside panels and 30 cross-arrow and speed limit signs
  • Gauge control system: 1 gauge control system
  • Fire detection system: 4389 m of fire detection cable
  • Control system: 3 ERUs and 12 pieces of distributed peripheral equipment
  • Ventilation control system: 24 ventilation control system sensors (opacimeters, CO, NOx)
  • Public address system: 166 loudspeakers
  • AID system comprising 42 CCTV cameras
  • CCTV system: 50 CCTV cameras
  • Tunnel closure system: 4 traffic signals and 2 tunnel closure barriers
  • IP telephony system: 12 IP telephones
  • Radio communications system: 4184 m of radiating cable 
  • SOS posts system: 42 SOS posts (in cabinets)
  • Communications network: 65 communications switches and 5591 m of optical fibre cable
  • Control Centre