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Shadow toll system, A13 dual carriageway in London (United Kingdom)

Peaje en Sombra en UK

Implementation of a shadow toll system on the A13 dual carriageway in London, the main access road to the Canary Wharf financial centre and part of the project to regenerate the Thames Gateway corridor. 

This is a pioneering project, as payments are based both on data supplied by ETDs and images collected by CCTV cameras. Furthermore, some of the counting points are in the urban area, so a specific piece of software has been developed to solve possible retention problems. 

Includes two main systems

  • AME (Availability Monitoring Equipment) SYSTEM 
  • TME (Traffic Monitoring Equipment) SYSTEM



  • CCTV cameras (on gantries, posts and in tunnels)
  • Redundant communications network
  • Data collection stations
  • Central storage server