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Security Installations, automatic locking and CTC at the stations of the route Nava-Infiesto

Instalaciones Nava-Infiesto

The project consisted in providing the new electronic interlocking S3e, approved by RENFE and developed according to the most demanding safety requirements set out in the regulations of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) to stations in the route Nava-Infiesto, at the stations Carancos and Infiesto, with automatic blockade and CTC.

The actions undertaken in this project were:

  • Installation of a commercial PC for local supervision, with the minimum required features, equipped with printer and the software needed to operate,  with an interface man-machine in a friendly environment.
  • To send the information at distance, the necessary ports and modems were available for transmission via fiber optic or switched telephone network.
  • Dashboard. Through an interface, the conventional control box gets on relation with the interlocking.
  • Installation of signals: output signals, input signals, signals of advanced and setback signals.
  • The track circuits installed were conventional of alternating current at 50 Hz.
  • Installation of electrical point machines of repulsion approved in each one of the station needles and not trailable.
  • Integration of the new installations in the remote control of El Berrón.
  • Transmission is done by Optical Fiber in case of being equipped at the time of the works.
  • Installation of new outdoors telephones in the input signals.
  • Installation of transformation centers type MOL of 2200 / 220 V c.a. of 5 kVA (Carancos) and 10 KVA (Infiesto), in the new interlockings. Installation of transformation centers type MOL 2200 / 220V c.a.0.5 KVAS on routes. All supplied cabinets were manufactured of aluminum.
  • Installation in the interlockings of a separator transformer of local supply and an automatic switching equipment to select energy sources local and high.
  • Todas las señales que lo requirieron fueron dotadas del equipamiento ASFA correspondiente.
  • Instalación de una red de cables  para las instalaciones de señalización y comunicaciones.
  • All requiring signals were endowed with the corresponding ASFA equipment.
  • Installation of a cable network for installations of signalling and communications.