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Roll out of Vodafone's FTTH network at the Triana and Murillo headers in Seville

Vodafone Sevilla

Construction of installations for the roll out of a FTTH network at the Triana and Murillo headers in Seville. Installation of an optical fibre distribution frame (512 fibres) at the Triana exchange. Laying of the supply line from exchanges to give coverage to more than 50,000 residential units. 16 km of this line were laid in Triana and 12 km in Murillo. Construction of the distribution network, with wall mounted optical fibre terminal boxes and the installation of vertical connections inside buildings.

The Triana project involves 37,840 target homes, of which approximately 10% are indoor installations and approximately 90% are outside wall installations. 19,800 homes were connected by the Murillo project, corresponding to supply module B. 

Connected to the GPON equipment, the supply network was constructed using cables ranging from 512 OF to 32 OF. Cables ranging from 64 OF to 8 OF are used for the distribution network. Optical fibre terminal boxes are installed on walls, with 1:16 splitters to cover a maximum of 48 homes. Operator boxes are installed for indoor installations, and floor boxes are distributed to provide coverage to each dwelling in the building.

Significant project data:

  • Over 18 kilometres of OF supply cable.
  • Over 50 kilometres of OF distribution cable.
  • Over 10,000 m of riser cable for indoor use.
  • A 512 fibre OF distribution frame.
  • Over 100 junction boxes.
  • Terminal boxes and client boxes for inside use.