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Riyadh University campus transport system

Trolebús Ryhad

Installation of a complete trolleybus mass transport system with a total length of 10 km.

The trolleybus (articulated bus with a length of 19.5 m, with principle electric traction and auxiliary mechanical traction) is the means of transport that has been selected due to the fact that its electrical traction minimises environmental impact. 

The system is controlled in real time from a control centre that will monitor all events and parameters to ensure that the service is operated efficiently. 


It includes: 

  • 12 enclosed and air conditioned stations, each with two platforms, distributed along the trolleybus route
  • 12 trolleybuses (11 vehicles with capacity for 120 passengers, 1 luxury VIP vehicle an onboard equipment (GPS location system, CCTV, passenger information, telemetry, etc.)
  • Fitting out of 12 two platform stations: Centralized passenger information system, centralised public address system and CCTV system)
  • Traffic signal and traffic priority system
  • 3 750 V DC electricity rectification substation
  • 10 km of catenary
  • Complete communications system (redundant optical fibre ring, trunking mobile radio voice wireless network)
  • Workshops with 5 lines for trolleybus maintenance, repair and parking
  • Full control centre (real time operation system, CCTV in trolleys and stations and a SCADA system for electricity substations)

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