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Replacement of the Humber Bridge toll collection system including conventional electronic toll collection and the multi-lane free flow lanes

Peaje Humber Bridge

The scope included the substitution of the present tolling system (only cash manual payment) by a mixed system that combines conventional toll lanes and ETC e-toll, and also multilane free flow (ORT) lanes.

During the renewal process both systems were working at the same time allowing during the whole process the collection of tolls, which supposed the implementation of a temporary conventional toll collection system that kept operating during the life of the project at the same time as the definitive conventional toll lanes, as well as free-flow lanes were being implemented.

The new system allow the vehicles with transponder DSRD (TAG) to circulate by the ORT lanes with no need to decrease the speed or stopping it. The vehicles with no transponder must stop and pay manually (cash or bank card). This also included non-valid TAGs or with no money.

The SICE site equipment installed was:

  • 4 Multi Lane Free Flow lanes (2 each direction)
  • 6 ETC manual-dynamic lanes (MD conventional, 3 each direction)

The plaza and back office equipment installed was:

  • Toll plaza application servers, public web portal server, training and testing environment
  • Workstations for remote control and operation of the tolling system
  • Disaster recovery site