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Renewal of the Supervision, Control and Maintenance System of Almozara WWTP and adhered facilities

EDAR Almozara

The purpose of this project is the realization of an control and supervision integrated system for the proposed facilities. These infrastructures are made up of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of La Almozara, which treats most of the domestic wastewater from Zaragoza. It has two lines of treatment, digestion and cogeneration with the produced biogas, with which the plant is provided with up to 65% of the energy it consumes and has a daily design average flow of 34,560 m3.

Additionally, the Alfocea WWTP will be controlled, which treats the domestic wastewater of Alfocea (184 inhabitants) and has a daily average design flow of 40.00 m3 (14,600 m3/year). The three wastewater pumping stations (WWPS) of the system are also controlled within this project (WWPS Margen derecha, WWPS Almozara Plaza Europa and WWPS Monzalbarba), each with 4 or 5 submersible pumps, gates, level sensors and solids conveyor belt. Finally, the system also includes the Water Recovery Plant (WRP) that collects the wastewater generated during the purification in the Drinking Water Treatment Station.

The project includes, among other things, and in general for all the plants, the replacement of the old controllers by more current ones and with characteristics conforming to the current state of the art. Specifically, PLCs from the S7 and ET200 ranges of the SIEMENS brand.

The acquisition of the plant signals from the different MCCs will be done through decentralized input/output stations, thus avoiding a lot of existing wiring. A centralized control and supervision system will also be installed, with a SCADA application in the Control Center in Ecociudad (WinnCC of SIEMENS) as a system of general remote supervision of all facilities and generation of historical data and reports and a SCADA application in the Center Control of the Almozara WWTP, acting as local Scada of the plant itself and as control and supervision of its assigned facilities and a last SCADA for local supervision of the W.R.P.

It also includes the necessary communications equipment to guarantee a safe and reliable exchange of information between the plants and the Control Center in Ecociudad, and between the plants and the Control Center of the Almozara WWTP.