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Remote control of water infrastructure associated with the river Mazanares (Madrid)


Design, supply and installation of a remote control system for the sewerage and dams system of the river Manzanares: 

  • Rain gauge telemetry and remote supervision
  • Water table and throughflow meters
  • Water quality control
  • Centralised video surveillance of 23 points (CCTV)
  • Dam sluice gate remote control (PLC S7-300 Siemens)
  • 32 spillways
  • 4 flow gauging stations
  • Water quality stations
  • Rain gauge network (20 stations)
  • Head pressure network (47 stations)
  • Optical fibre and Ethernet communications network
  • Construction of a main control centre, an identical backup sub-centre and a display station: infrastructure and control SCADA (Wonderware)
  • Web application (WIA) developed by SICE to provide information about a certain point

Following commissioning, a technical assistance service will be provided for 6 months, including remote control operation, training of specialist personnel and systems administration.