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Remote control system of the integral water cycle on the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa

Centro de Control

The remote control system of the integral water cycle on the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa involves the monitoring of all processes related to this service in an area of 845 square kilometers.

It offers coverage to a stable population of 145,000 inhabitants and also to the three million tourists who visit the island throughout the year. The single manager of the cycle is responsible for the production of drinking water on the island (in its entirety through the desalination of seawater), but also of the supply system (pipelines, tanks, pumping stations) and the reuse for irrigation of the water treated in the plants.

The monitoring of the hydraulic infrastructures, made by SICE, configures Lanzarote as Smart Island in the management of the integral water cycle.

The project includes the following activities:

  • General implementation project (telecommunications, civil works, architecture, photovoltaic projects for isolated points).
  • Engineering, construction and installation of electrical and control panels, based on Siemens technology
  • Reform of existing panels.
  • Supply and installation of field probes (flow meters, chlorine meters, turbidity, conductivity, pressure sensors, levels, etc.).
  • System control architecture, SCADA programming for remote control and command functions.
  • Implementation of communications networks, testing, commissioning, training and technical support for two years. Redundancy in the communications system using optical fiber, UHF, Wimax and GPRS radio.
  • Building to house the management system and the operators in a system of work of 24 hours a day and habilitation of a part of it as divulgative space of the island water.
  • Telecontrol architecture with accessibility to all points and security in communications.