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Remote Control System for Madrid’s Public Lighting facilities

Sistema de Telecontrol para las instalaciones de Alumbrado Público en la ciudad de Madrid

Several years ago, the public lighting facilities in the city of Madrid did not have control stations, equipment capable to acquire and monitor information regarding energy consumption or fault status.

This project was aimed to provide a public lighting remote control system that made possible:

  • Real time control and monitoring.
  • Energy consumption optimization.
  • Acquisition and analysis of key electrical parameters that set the performance of the complete lighting system.
  • Reduce the response time in the event of faults or breakdowns.
  • Integration of different manufacturers.
  • Powerful online tools with several administration and management profiles to process the energy consumption information.


The aforementioned features offered significant improvement not only for the public service itself as well as the users but also for the public lighting system in terms of control and management optimization. This remote control system shall reach up to 2400 lighting control centers on this stage.