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Provision of an integral outside lighting system for the municipality of Móstoles

Iluminación Exterior del Municipio de Móstoles

The purpose of the contract is the provision of energy services related to outside lighting installations in the municipality of Móstoles, through global and integrated activities. 
Important data about the installations:

  • Annual estimated electricity consumption: 12,857,009 MWh.
  • Number of lighting points: 21,366 units.
  • Number of control centres: 235 units.

The following actions will be taken:

  1. Energy management: Energy management and operation of the installations, including managing the energy supply demanded by lighting installations. 
  2. Maintenance: Maintenance tasks of the outside lighting installations and all their components, including periodic cleaning thereof.
  3. Full guarantee: Repairs involving the replacement of all damaged components, including renovation due to obsolescence.
  4. Works to improve and renovate outdoor lighting installations: Funding and implementation of works to improve and renovate outdoor lighting installations:
  5. Investment in energy savings and renewable energies: Incorporation of equipment and installations that promote energy savings and energy efficiency 
  • Optimisation of electrical contracting.
  • Change of 6455 light points to LED technology.
  • Renovation and adaptation of control centres.
  • Replacement of the power on system
  • Installation of regulation systems
  • Adaptation of lighting levels
  • Etc.