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Prioritisation of public transport in the Transcarioca BRT corridor

 Transporte Público en corredor BRT Transcarioca

Provision of engineering services for road traffic management optimisation and real time traffic control systems, through the use of bus prioritising systems in a section of the Transcarioca BRT corridor (between Vicente de Carvalho and Tom Jobim international airport), in the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

This system consists of public transport prioritisation through a bus detection system. This is a highly complex system, as it is located in densely populated neighbourhoods. The cutting edge technology that has been used allows perfect integration with other equipment. The system is made redundant by the installation of cameras with detection devices in areas of groups with priority. 

Project scope:

  • Intersections with BRT priority + adaptive: 53
  • Intersections with adaptive: 57
  • Intersections with BRT priority: 73