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Photovoltaic Solar Project (1.4 MW) in Blatchworthy (United Kingdom)

Proyecto Fotovoltaico en Blatchworthy (Inglaterra)

The work involved the installation and commissioning of a 1.4126 MW photovoltaic solar facility located in Blatchworthy.

Blatchworthy solar farm near Tiverton in Devon, southwest England is a 1.4 MWp solar farm that produces enough energy to power over four hundred local homes. It provides the national grid with clean, carbon-free electricity and does so whilst remaining silent, eco-friendly and offering many other benefits to the local area.


The works carried out were:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Installing low voltage lines (LV)
  • Supply and installation of solar photovoltaic station (brackets, photovoltaic panels, etc...)
  • Monitoring System
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Security and safety of the work
  • Development of the Health and Safety Plan
  • Technical assistance
  • Provision of spare parts
  • Staff training
  • Delivery of final documentation