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Photovoltaic installation of 5 MW on grid connection with trackers in "Mojón Gordo" - Logrosán (Cáceres)

Instalación solar fotovoltaica de 5 MW en Cáceres

Installation and commissioning of a solar photovoltaic installation of 5 MW on grid connection with trackers at "Mojón Gordo" located in the town of Logrosán (Cáceres).

The works carried out are:

  • 45 kV airline evacuation survey.
  • Excavation and concreting support of the evacuation line.
  • Medium voltage (MV) survey.
  • Supply manholes in MT lines
  • Low Voltage (LV) Line
  • Excavation of ancillary services line
  • Construction of inverter support slab
  • Installation and assembly of the discharge overhead line
  • BT Interconnections.
  • MT Connection.
  • Connecting the intermediate transformers
  • Supply and installation of fuse boxes
  • Supply and installation of MT and investors grounding
  • Engineering, testing and commissioning
  • Service monitoring and safety of the work (24 hours)
  • Conducting health and safety project


Field equipment:

  • Solar photovoltaic installation of 5 MW of grid-connected with trackers
  • Substation of 5 MW (20/45 KV)
  • Discharge overhead line of 45 KV with a length of 4 Km