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Operation and Maintenance of “El Girasol” Drinking Water Supply System

Operación y Mantenimiento del Sistema de Abastecimiento “El Girasol” (Cuenca)

Operation and maintenance of electromechanical, electrical and control equipment, pipes, water reservoirs and drinking water treatment process of “El Girasol” Drinking Water Supply System and Almoguera-Algodor piping, being supplied raw water to other two supply systems (Algodor and Sagra Este).

The supply system consists of the necessary facilities for the catchment, water treatment, piping and high-capacity water supply of the water required for the supply of 13 municipalities in the province of Cuenca and the supply of raw water for two supply systems supplying 75 towns (Picadas I and Algodor).

 “El Girasol” Drinking Water Treatmeant Plant is the one included in this system, having a capacity of water treatment by reverse osmosis of 220 l/s.

The whole network consists of more than 200 kilometers of pipes and eight water reservoirs to supply the 13 municipalities included in the supply system with an approximate population of 26,000.

Among the services provided include the following:

  • Support 24 h/day 365 days/year ensuring the quality of water according to the law.
  • Management of a multidisciplinary team of over 10 employees.
  • Predictive, preventive, corrective, regulatory and metrological maintenance.
  • Control and monitoring of environmental and health quality of facilities
  • Making improvements