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Multi-service municipal network for connecting municipal sites, improving citizen safety and sustainable mobility

Red municipal multiservicio

The use of a communications network to connect the different municipal buildings distributed around the district of San Sebastián de los Reyes, where SICE has also implemented a control and security system for both traffic and the interconnected buildings. For this purpose, alarm units and video surveillance cameras were installed in the different buildings, as well as in the main streets of the city to augment traffic control and safety within the district, and to facilitate the work and activities of the local police force and emergency teams.

In order that the new equipment be controlled and better used, a control centre was installed inside a local police stations, where a video wall allows the installed cameras to be displayed, along with alarms generated by the new alarm units. In addition, some of the existing equipment, such as cameras and alarm units, was integrated.

In general terms, the system comprises:

  • A Gigabit communications network for connecting 41 public centres (OF and WIMAX).
  • Centralised video surveillance of public centres (67 new cameras and the integration of 27 existing cameras).
  • Video surveillance of traffic (installation of 30 new cameras).
  • Installation of 24 alarm units (155 volumetric units and 59 magnetic contacts) and the integration of 2 existing units.
  • Control centre, with 3 Supermicro servers, for centralised recording of images from cameras, Milestone Enterprise software for camera display and control, a 2x4 video wall and VIGIPLUS software for integrating the control of surveillance systems and alarm units.
  • Civil works and cabling