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Mobile Telephony Infrastructure

Infraestructura de telefonía móvil

Infrastructure construction, installation of tower or single post structures and electricity connections to activate the cell phone network belonging to the company ENTEL PCS, with an area of activities confined to Spain.

Prior to executing the project, SICE's participation began with site visits for validation from the perspective of civil works (survey), before creating the respective engineering plans for the project, which indicate the type of foundations, structure and electricity requirements of the cell location.

Infrastructure execution consists of levelling the site, the construction of foundations from reinforced concrete for the subsequent assembly of the structure; concrete platforms for the installation of communication equipment and the construction of an electricity line for powering the system.

Each project is finalised when the client takes delivery of the work, at which point the respective acceptance act is issued.

The work team has the following members:

  • Cell site engineering and survey department.
  • Quality and risk prevention department.
  • Civil works department.
  • Electrical works department.
  • Subcontractors.