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Mass transport system for the city of Mérida

Flota Tranvias TRANSBARCA

Installation of a mass BRT system based on electric buses. 

The trolleybus (an articulated bus with electrical traction) was the selected means of transport, due to the fact that its electric traction has minimal environmental impact. The buses are also fitted with auxiliary diesel traction equipment. 

Distributed along the length of the trolleybus' route are 45 stations (16 double stations and 29 lateral stations) with a total of 61 platforms. 

SICE is responsible for the following subsystems:

  • Control centre (data centre, servers, video wall and operator stations)
  • City traffic signal centralisation (60 intersections)
  • Operation support system (including the integration of vehicle and station information). 
  • Trolleybus route and journey times control.
  • Power SCADA (monitors, supervises and takes action on each electrical substation)
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Closed circuit television (fixed and dome cameras in each station and control centre)
  • Intrusion control at stations
  • Automatic platform doors (synchronised opening of platform and trolleybus doors)
  • Public address and passenger information system
  • Ticking and access control (points of sale and turnstiles with franking machines)