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Maintenance and operation of Madrid local government's air quality monitoring system

Plaza Castilla Project

Maintenance of Madrid local government's integral air quality monitoring, prediction and information system. The network consists of 25 remote stations that measure the following environmental pollutants: SO2, NOx, CO, O3, HC and particles in suspension, etc., as well as meteorological parameters. Its aim is to ensure the correct operation of the system designed to gather knowledge about, predict and publicise air quality status in the municipality of Madrid. 
The integral air quality monitoring, prediction and information system has the following main tasks:

  • Continuous measurement of air quality parameter levels.
  • Prediction of some air quality level parameters. 
  • Permanently providing information to the public about air quality in Madrid and other related matters, using the web page and other media. 
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation.
  • Warning the population and other organisations in the event that pre-established information or alert levels are exceeded.

Data are sent in real time to a control centre, from where the status of the city's air quality is controlled in case it is necessary to take measures, and different methods are used to inform the population. 

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