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Maintenance and Improvement of Public Lighting facilities in Logroño

Alumbrado Exterior Público de la ciudad de Logroño

Maintenance and improvement of outdoor lighting installations in the public domain at the municipality of Logroño in order to ensure continuity of lighting and maintain the technical level of the facilities, carrying out, where appropriate, repairs, replacements and / or supply and improvements and / or modifications.

This service included:

  • Replacement of lamps and auxiliary equipment
  • Replacement and cleaning of luminaires.
  • Replacement and painting of different heights supports.
  • Repair and replacement of wiring.
  • Inspection and cleaning of general lighting panels and flux regulators.
  • Upgrade of existing facilities, modifying or adding new lighting installations facilities.


Approximate inventory

  • 311 Control Centers
  • 160 luminous flux regulator
  • 20,000 Light Points