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Maintenance and conservation of the automatic water information network (SAIH) in the Ebro basin

SAIH de la Cuenca del Ebro

Maintenance, conservation and operation of the Ebro automatic water information network (SAIH), the main purpose of which is to collect, transmit, process and present information about the hydrological and hydraulic status of the Ebro basin. This helps the management to ensure that resources are available, surveillance takes place and that eventualities are prevented.





List of SAIH control points for the Ebro (919 in total):


The following activities are included as part of the maintenance and operation service:

  • Monitoring of information provided by SAIH and system surveillance
  • System operation in ordinary and extraordinary situations
  • Modelling for forecasting eventualities and resource management
  • Management and maintenance of the decision aid system
  • Conducting direct gauging and calculating rating curves
  • Preventive, corrective, special and unforeseen maintenance
  • River basin operation reports
  • Updates and improvements