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Madrid control system M30

Sistema de Control de Madrid Calle 30

This is the first major project taken on in the ITS sector in Spain, along with actions taken by DGT in around 1992. Its purpose is equipping the M-30 with all elements necessary for the control and management of traffic circulating on this city ring road:
SICE started the project in 1990 and completed it in 1992. Over more than 20 years, SICE has been renovating and maintaining ITS installations on the M30 bypass road; it has renovated, expanded and updated equipment and SW, and has adapted them to the state of the art and best IT techniques applied to these types of projects. 
A user information and assistance service is provided based on data collected at the Madrid local government control centre, incorporating journey times into the SAETA system. 

  • 31 LED variable information panels
  • 59 data collection stations, 121 4 channel detectors and 486 induction loops
  • 14 CCTV cameras
  • A complete network of communications, electrical cabling and quad and optical fibre communications cable.
  • 3 work stations
  • Switching matrix
  • Video reception-transmission system
  • 6 CCTV monitors
  • SCA traffic control software

SICE has been awarded a contracts for maintenance and associated expansions since 1994, when the installations were transferred to the municipal government.