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Lighting and integration centre for the control centres and safety components of the AZCA tunnels

Túneles de azca

efurbishment of Madrid local government's premises, located in the AZCA complex, to house the Madrid local government's tunnels, galleries and lighting control centre; installation of a municipal lighting control centre; refurbishment of AZCA tunnels installations and their subsequent integration into the tunnel control centre.

From this new control centre, in 2013 a total of 14 tunnels, 1 pedestrian underpass and service galleries were managed, and over 2600 lighting control units were controlled remotely


The following main pieces of equipment have been installed: 

  1. Display equipment (video wall)
  2. Operator - supervisor equipment 
  3. Tunnels system control equipment:
  •  Inside and outside CCTV surveillance
  • public address
  • IP telephone
  • SOS post communication
  • safety system monitoring equipment
  • environmental and pollution control (CO, Nox, anemometers, etc.)
  • linear detection of fires in tunnels
  • Tunnel capacity monitoring
  • Refurbishment of traffic signal optics and traffic signal control components
  • Communications with the control centre