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Installation and operation of an automatic water information system (SAIH) in the Northern River Basin

 SAIH de la Cuenca Hidrográfica del Norte

Installation and operation of the real time telemetry network for hydrological and hydraulic data (rainfall, water levels in reservoirs, rivers and channels, circulating flows, sluice gate positions and alarms), covering the territory of the first phase of the Northern River Basic, encompassing the Autonomous Community of Galicia and parts of Asturias and Castile and León. 



Its two main objectives are:

  • Eventuality prevention and control for the purpose of minimising damage.
  • Global management of water resources for the purpose of optimising their allocation and exploitation.

The following systems will be installed and operated:

  • Automatic water information system (SAIH)
  • Integration with the Northern automatic water quality system (SAICA)
  • IP telephony and video network
  • DVB-RCS satellite communications

The project basically comprises the following elements:

  • 87 control points distributed around the basin, for collecting different hydraulic and hydrological variables using sensors.
  • The data processing centre at the headquarters of the Northern river authority, where all measured values from the control points are received, sorted, processed and presented.
  • The Lugo Zone, Orense and Ponferrada centres, as well as the maintenance centre.