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Improvement to traffic management and control on the AG-64 Ferrol-AsPontes-Vilalba motorway and connection to the north east traffic management centre

Sistema de Monitorización Meteorológica

Installation of equipment for traffic management and control on the AG64 motorway, connecting Ferrol and Vilalba. At both ends can be found key points in terms of whether the road can be used in winter, generating traffic problems in extreme weather conditions.

Supply and installation of the following sub-systems:

  • Variable signage
  • Traffic management (data collection stations)
  • Weather stations and data processing
  • Communications stations
  • CCTV system
  • Power supply and earthing system
  • Management at the north east traffic management centre


Its equipment includes:

  • Variable message panels with graphic area
  • L-shaped gantries
  • Data collection stations
  • Weather stations
  • Number place reading cameras (speed calculations over sections and journey times, and vehicle detection for search and capture operations)
  • Single channel video transmission and remote control systems
  • Double loop detectors for detector loop
  • Adaptation of management and graphical representation software
  • Weather data processing module, use of thermorouter and surveying.
  • Connection of the current SDH to the new network.