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Implementation of optical fibre infrastructure on the Capellanías de Cáceres industrial estate

Fibra óptica en el Polígono Industrial de las Capellanías de Cáceres

Execution of channels for bringing optical fibre to all of the companies on the Las Capellanías industrial estate in Cáceres, fibre definition for a FTTX service and its subsequent installation.
The project includes all work necessary to bring optical fibre to subscribers on the Las Capellanías Industrial Estate (Cáceres). Part of the central node of Extremadura Council's RCT, located on the Cáceres University Campus, specifically in the basement of the municipal services building.

A 256 cable fibre is laid from this node, passing through channels belonging to the University of Extremadura as far as the Cáceres northern ring road

From there, the cable runs as far as the roundabout where the northern ring road joins the old N-630. From there, the 256 O.F. cable run continues as far as the entrance to the industrial estate, where the cable terminates in a manhole.

Each of these 4 72 fibre cables are laid in newly constructed channels in the streets of the industrial estate.