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Full refurbishment of production installations in fields of the Gulf tertiary oil integral asset, centre sector

Rehabilitación en los Campos del Sector Centro del Activo Integral Aceite Terciario del Golfo

Project for the refurbishment and maintenance of various PEP production installations, including compression stations, separation units, storage and pumping stations, pipelines, well platforms, workshops, administrative buildings, administrative offices and other miscellaneous infrastructure. These activities are necessary for efficient and safe hydrocarbon production.

The purpose of these activities is to contribute to the optimisation, conservation and development of fields of the Gulf tertiary oil integral asset (states of Veracruz and Puebla).

The scope of the works includes construction, the refurbishment of existing facilities, and preventive and corrective maintenance of the aforementioned installations. This scope includes the following main works:

  • Supply of two phase separators, tanks, instrumentation and pipes.
  • Mechanical works: Repair of headers, surface lines, valve replacements, etc.
  • Civil construction: Replacement and construction of concrete bases, clamps, perimeter fences of installations, etc.
  • Corrosion prevention: Cleaning of surfaces and application of anti-corrosion coatings to tanks, surface lines, headers, pipes and valves, etc.
  • Electrical work: Replacement of electricity supply cables, lights, switches, contacts and electrical energy panels.
  • Non-destructive tests (NDT):
    • Non-destructive test using industrial radiography.
    • Non-destructive test using industrial ultrasound.