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Fuengirola municipal roofs concession for the construction and operation of photovoltaic facilities

Instalaciones fotovoltaicas Fuengirola

Design, engineering, supply, installation, testing and operation for 35 years of the electricity generation system that uses photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of municipal buildings.

The project includes all tasks up to the grid connection for selling the produced power. There is a maximum guarantee of full control over all of the phases, with the highest quality standards. 
The photovoltaic generator is made up of over 3000 230 Wp photovoltaic modules manufactured based on crystalline silicon cells with a total power of 690.7 kWp, fixed to aluminium or galvanised steel structures. 

This system of photovoltaic modules occupies almost 14,000 square metres and is capable of feeding electrical power into the grid equivalent to the annual consumption of over 305 dwellings, in real time and immediately. 

Rated power: 611kw
Annual generation: 1100 Mwh/year
Income per watt produced: €0.32 (S/RD 1578).