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Framework agreement for the execution of works to be done on ADIF's optical fibre cable network for the north east zone headquarters

 Fibra óptica de ADIF

This framework agreement sets out activities and technical specifications to be applied when awarding contracts for optical fibre work, regarding the contractual model for dealing with customer requests within telecommunication market lead times, as well as other activities of an urgent nature.

The agreement specifies the type of works to be carried out, the information that should be presented by companies and that should be kept up to date during the established contract duration period, as well as the particular technical conditions that apply to the works and execution standards.
The works take place along the length of, and parallel to the railway line, running through land adjoining the track with variable separation, depending on the terrain.

The project in itself consists of performing civil construction work and laying and connecting optical fibre cables, as per ADIF standards.

During these activities, the optical fibre cable, the sub-conduit for its housing, junction boxes, optical distributors and pigtails are supplied by ADIF.

SICE is responsible for cable spools and reels, boxes, distributors and pigtails, provided that ADIF delivers such components to their warehouses until installation is complete, and, in the case of cable, for returning reels. In this sense, SICE assumes responsibility for the custody and transport of the material from their warehouses as far as its location on site, as well as for the recovery of empty reels, in the case of cables, which should be stored in their warehouses until ADIF decides that they should be returned immediately upon completing the cable installation.