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Extension of the Automatic Hydrological Information System (AHIS) in the Segura River Basin in Jaen and Almeria

SAIH de la Cuenca del Segura en las Provincias de Jaén y Almería

The aim of this project is to define the works to be carried for extending the Early Warning Decision Support System against floods of the Segura AHIS by the instrumentation of the Segura River basin in the provinces of Jaén and Almería. To this end, actions will be taken on these locations to provide them with the instrumentation and communications systems necessary to integrate them into the Segura AHIS as new checkpoints.

The performance is summarized as follows:

  • Communications Equipment
    • Supply of communications equipment including the parabola, IDU and ODU for all control points.
    • Registration in the DVB-S communications system, in the static IP addressing system and the telecommunications operator to enable bond with the Control Center of the Segura AHIS
    • Maintenance of the lines of communication.
  • Data acquisition and processing System
    • Supply, installation, configuration and commissioning of remote stations and integration of intrusion alarm in the remote itself.
    • Adaptation of SCADA, SQL Server database and Communications Front-End to integrate the new points.
  • Integral cabinet for communications, power supply and protections
    • Machining of normalized cabinets, installation of protections, external and internal wiring, etc...
    • Installation of charge controllers in points powered by photovoltaic panels.
  • Adequacy of sheds and installation of sensors
    • Adequacy of the cabinets integrated in sheds of the control points and wiring of the different equipment, walls painting and renovation of electric conduits.
    • Renovation and installation of tipping bucket rain and snow gauges compatible with the currently installed ones, as well as a weather station at all control points.
    • Calibration of instrumentation systems of measurement points.