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Execution, maintenance and operation of the “Nouvelle Ville Ali Mendjeli (W. Constantine)” WWTP

EDAR de la "Nouvelle Ville Ali Mendjeli"

SICE continues its consolidation in North Africa with the start in Algeria of a new project for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the urban wastewater treatment station of the new city of Ali Mendjeli in the Wilaya of Constantine. With this project, SICE brings to the Algerian market its know-how in management of sewage plants.

This contract, officiated by the ONA (Office National de l'Assainissement), an entity belonging to the Ministry of Water Resources of the Algerian government, will have a great impact on the local community.

The future plant will supply a population of about 260,000 in the western part of the new town of Ali Mendjeli, in the province of Constantine, in the northeast of the country. In addition, the realization of this project will create more than 100 direct and indirect jobs and, once built, will require the work of about 25 people in a fixed way for their exploitation.

The project's impact will not remain only on job creation, but will contribute to the protection of the population against waterborne diseases, will allow the reuse of treated wastewater for agricultural purposes and recovery of sludge for Agriculture.

It will also involve the collection of waste from the western area of Ali Mendjeli, protecting the Oued-Rhummel river bed, which leads to the reservoir of Beni Haroun, the largest and most strategic of the country.

The WWTP will have a screening chamber, an initial pumping station, pre-treatment consisting of discharge of thick and thin solids and decanters and cleanser-degreases by aerated channels, secondary treatment by prolonged aeration process with nitrification-denitrification (2 lines) and final disinfection of the effluent by chlorination.

The WWTP will also have a treatment line for the produced sludge, where it will be thickened by gravity and then dehydrated to reduce the final volume of the sludge.

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