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Design, supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of the Multi-Lane Free-Flow toll collection system for the urban highway Mitcham Frankston Freeway (EastLink Project) in Melbourne

Peaje Free Flow para la autopista urbana Mitcham-Frankston Freeway (MFF) Melbourne _ SICE

Multi Lane Free-Flow toll system for the urban highway Mitcham-Frankston Freeway (MFF) in Melbourne, which with 39 km. of highway and a 1.6 km. long tunnel, it was at that time the largest urban motorway project in Australia (approximately 2,500 million AUD in construction) with the aim of responding to the rapid growth of the East and Southeast corridor of Melbourne.

The motorway was opened to traffic in June 2008, with 5 months ahead of scheduled deadline.

SICE implemented all components of the system, both the part corresponding to the Roadside Equipment as well as the complete Back-Office Computing Systems for toll collection.

  • 26 all electronic toll double gantries with;
    • microwave antennas (GSSA1 technology),
    • automatic vehicle classification systems by stereoscopic cameras,
    • automatic license plate recognition systems both front and rear plates,
    • toll point communication and concentration servers.
  • Complete system of both toll Operational and Commercial Back-Office for the treatment of the data collected by roadside equipment;
    • manual consolidation of transactions (image review),
    • audit of transits,
    • toll rates allocation according to the toll products,
    • customer account management,
    • management of toll products,
    • invoices management and generation,
    • interaction with external entities for toll collection, enforcement and traffic.
  • Complete customer service system through the Internet, mobile messages, call center and contact center (CSS with capacity to manage up to 600,000 client accounts, and 500 web portal concurrent users)