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Design, supply, installation, putting into service and maintenance of the Shadow Toll System in the London A13 Highway (United Kingdom)

A13 Highway (United Kingdom)

The Project consists in the implantation of a shadow toll system in the London A13 highway. The A13 forms part of regeneration of the Thames Gateway corridor. Besides, it supposes the main entrance-exit lane of the new financial centre of London: Canary Wharf.

The A13 project is pioneer inside of the shadow toll sector because of the payment is not only based in the data from the traffic detection and counting outstations, but also the images given by the CCTV cameras. It can be distinguished two main systems:

  1. AME System (Availability Monitoring Equipment): it allows the 100 % monitoring of the 21 km of the highway that form part of the Customer, it gives the necessary tools for the recording of the images taken by the cameras and finally it incorporates the software for the making of reports.
  2. TME System (Traffic Monitoring Equipment): Site Equipment for vehicle count and classification by using loops installed in the lane. Besides it has a site information supervision, control and auditory system.

The particularity of this project is that some of the counting points are located in urban zones and they are susceptible of experiment traffic jams. SICE for this project has developed a new software that resolves this problem.