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C3 – RMS Tolling Retail Replacement


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), an agency of the New South Wales Government  responsible for building and maintaining road infrastructure and managing the day-to-day compliance and safety for roads and waterways, commenced replacement of its Tolling Systems in 2015 with the Tolling Systems Upgrade Program (TSUP). This program is based on a 3 component architecture:

  • Component 1 (C1): Roadside – Tolling gantries and associated equipment to detect and capture details of vehicles using the Tollroads;
  • Component 2 (C2): Transaction Processing – Systems to receive, validate, construct and rate trips from vehicle details captured by the C1 (; and
  • Component 3 (C3): Retail – Systems to manage customer accounts, tolling products and the collection of Tolls and Fees.

To date, TSUP has already delivered:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel C1 Upgrade in December 2016;
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel C2 Upgrade in December 2016 (TRARM system delivered by SICE); and
  • WestConnex Stage 1A (M4W) C2 using the updated C2 TRARM system delivered by SICE in August 2017.

The outstanding piece of the program is the upgrade of the current RMS retail tolling Back Office systems that have reached the end of their supportable life and therefore need to be replaced. RMS was seeking a Back office capability which:

  1. is substantially a COTS solution (Baseline Solution);
  2. is compatible with the Australian Tollroad interoperability model; and
  3. can be implemented with little modification;

Based on the above, SICE has signed an agreement with RMS for the delivery of SICE’s BIS to replace the current C3 component, including maintenance of the system for a period of 5 years after completion.