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Avenida Colombia tunnel in Cali

Túnel Cali Interior

The tunnels are located at Carrera 1º, between streets 5 and 13 in the city of Cali. The Avenida Colombia tunnel has a length of 680 m, runs in a single direction and has 4 lanes.

Its equipment includes:

  • Variable signage system: 16 cross-arrow and speed limit signs
  • Gauge control system: 2 controllers
  • Fire detection system: 1,850 m of fire detection cable.
  • Fire detection system in technical room: 2 smoke detectors, 1 temperature
  • detector, 1 fire control panel
  • Control System: 1 ERU and 6 pieces of distributed peripheral equipment
  • Ventilation control system: 12 CO detection system sensors 
  • Lighting control system: 2 lighting control system sensors (light meters)
  • CCTV system: 28 CCTV cameras
  • AID system
  • Tunnel closure system: 4 traffic signals and 4 tunnel closure barriers
  • Communications network: active equipment and optical fibre cable: 2,100 m of single mode optical fibre cable.
  • Control Centre