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Automation of the La Paz liquid hydrocarbon storage and distribution terminal

Automatización de la terminal de almacenamiento y distribución de hidrocarburos líquidos de La Paz

Increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of terminal operations, with particular emphasis on:

  • Automation of terminal equipment operation, minimising manual manipulation.
  • Improved dispatch times.
  • Reliable measurement of product transfers.
  • Compliance with internationally certified standards
  • Product inventory control at the terminal, and the automatic creation of a daily products statement.
  • Automatic online billing
  • Interface with administrative and operation systems (SAP platform)
  • Ensuring the integrity of people, installations and the environment

Work description:

The work consists of the automation of the terminal's principal subsystems:

  • Tank storage
  • Dispatch and unloading areas
  • Product transfer by pipeline
  • Pumping systems
  • Terminal access control
  • Gas and fire systems

The integration of these subsystems into a single monitoring and control platform that facilitates interactions between all of them in an efficient manner.