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Air Quality Monitoring Network in Quito (Ecuador)

Red Metropolitana De Monitoreo Atmosférico de Quito

In March 1999, SICE signed a contract with the city of Quito for the supply and installation of an environmental monitoring network.

The contract consisted of the following equipment and services:

  • 9 metallic structures strategically located in the city and equipped with different gauging systems to measure environmental pollutant emissions and to monitor weather conditions.
  • Meteorological Sodar to calculate wind´s temperature and direction up to a height of 3,000 m (50 m layers).
  • Laboratory equipped with one spectrophotometer, gas chromatographer, and auxiliary systems for the analysis of pollutant samples.
  • Mathematical modelling software to predict the evolution pollution parameters for 120 hours. This software is capable of showing pollutant concentrations on a 3D topographic representation of the area.
  • 12 months operating service for the whole system.


It is worth mentioning that this was the first installation made in Ecuador of such a system, and one of the most advanced systems in Latin America.