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Air Quality Monitoring Network in Barranquilla (Colombia)

Red de Monitoreo de la Calidad del Aire, Barranquilla – Colombia

Supply and installation of an air quality monitoring network in the city of Barranquilla, aimed at taking palliative measures and achieving empowerment of tourism of the city in the Caribbean Sea, due to it is a harbor city with a growing industry that generates high levels of pollution and air quality degradation.

SICE was awarded the project, whose most important items were:

  • Three air quality remote stations, with analyzers of SO2, CO, O3, Particle, gas gauge, hydrocarbons module, SICE own data acquisition system (including software) and SICE own heated cabin.
  • Two weather stations.
  • A control center (central station, located on University of Barranquilla), including environmental management network servers, graphical client software and peripherals and mathematical modeling to predict air pollution.