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Adaptive traffic control system for the city of Pasto

 Control de Tráfico para la ciudad de Pasto

Supply, installation and commissioning of a traffic signal system comprising 75 intersections, SICE's adaptive ADIMOT control system and artificial vision systems. Includes maintenance. 

The project comprises the following elements:

  • 75 intersections controlled by MFU3000 traffic regulators, 
  • 96 artificial vision vehicle detection cameras.
  • 1230 traffic signals fitted with LED technology.
  • 12 pedestrian buttons
  • 7 kilometres of optical fibre to create a connection over the final mile to the municipal fibre trunk line.
  • 21,000 metres of electric cabling (of all types).
  • 468 traffic signal supports, posts and poles.
  • 31,155 m2 of horizontal signage
  • 88 vertical signals.
  • Complete civil construction work for the installation of all system elements
  • The project includes a full environmental management plan for all of its aspects.
  • Complete fitting out of the control centre, including communications equipment, a video wall, furnishings and a server room.
  • 4 variable message panels
  • ADIMOT adaptive traffic control system.