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Adaptive traffic control system for the city of Moscow

Tráfico Moscú

Centralisation of 2144 traffic controllers produced by three manufacturers with different protocols, through the implementation of SICE's ADIMOT system (to allow adaptive control), CCTV systems, a panel system, a detectors system, an open-air incident detection system and radars. 

The control centre coordinates all equipment and provides information about traffic conditions to the user: it has a video wall on which it is possible to see the conditions of urban streets in real time and support from video images.


The installed ADIMOT software controls:

  • 2144 controllers, of which 500 are SICE's MFU and the rest are produced by Swarco and Peek
  • 11,770 virtual detectors
  • 144 variable message panels containing graphic service level information
  • 2,059 CCTV cameras with movement, zoom, pre-sets and cleaning features.
  • 921 photo detection radars
  • 300 pieces of IDE fire detection equipment for detecting incidents in the open air (stopped vehicles, vehicles driving the wrong way, pedestrians on the road, etc.)

The installed system includes servers dedicated to each controller protocol, panels, detector data acquisition, CCTV cameras and web clients.

All of this equipment is managed and controlled through a single web interface.