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Acquisition and commissioning of a video surveillance system for Cosac I

CCTV Cosac I

The project consists of the implementation of a digital IP video surveillance system for their entire COSAC I corridor (Lima, Peru), which has 35 stations, 2 termini (north and south) and a central station, which runs from Naranjal to Matellini, with a total of 26 km between the two ends.

The video surveillance system comprises 67 PTZ type IP dome cameras model AXIS Q6032-E. 228 fixed IP cameras for outdoor use AXIS P1343-E, 10 fixed cameras for indoor use P1343 and 54 fixed HD cameras for outdoor use, which are used for the monitoring, surveillance and management of the entire road corridor. In addition, 24 Bosch analogue dome cameras currently in operation at the central station were integrated.

The video surveillance system has Milestone brand open architecture software, XProtect Corporate model, which allows an unlimited number of cameras produced by a range of leading manufacturers on the market to be administered and configured; the licence for up to 500 cameras has been considered for the project. 1 management server has been installed for this purpose, which will be used for the global administration of the system; similarly, there are 5 recording servers with their respective storage, on all recordings of the project's cameras are stored.

The video surveillance system on which the project is based has the following main technical characteristics:

  • Live real time display of the image (4CIF @ 30 fps)
  • Recording time of 30 days, with an image size of 4CIF @ 30 fps in H.264
  • Scalability of the system to include new cameras